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At Best Natural Smile, it’s our mission to all of our patients achieve their…well…their best natural smile! While the first line of defense in making sure that your best smile is achieved and maintained is through a great daily dental hygiene regimen, we also stress the importance of scheduling dental exams as well. We hope you’ll stop by to see your Santa Monica dentist for regular dental exams!

Why Dental Exams Are Important

We all understand the importance of a healthy smile as it can benefit us in a variety of different ways. A healthy smile can:

  • Make you look more attractive.
  • Provide health benefits not just to your mouth, but your entire body as well.
  • Even serve as a boost to your self-esteem.

Having said that, maintaining a healthy smile requires more than just a simple, at-home dental hygiene regimen. Daily brushing and flossing may be important in keeping your teeth and gums healthy, but a visit to the dentist is just as vital. Our regular dental exams will help protect your teeth from decay and your gums from gum disease. We’re able to spot oral problems and treat them before they develop into something more severe. Visiting our office regularly is an important step in making sure that your smile will maintain its health for years to come.

Why You Should Get a Dental Exam Every Six Months

As your Santa Monica dentist and dental team, we at Best Natural Smile agree with dentists across the country in recommending that patients come visit for a dental examination and teeth cleaning once every six months. This is viewed as the most appropriate length as it will give your Santa Monica dentist the proper amount of time to diagnose problems before they can grow in severity. Also, we’ll give you a professional teeth cleaning that will help clean away plaque from braces that may be more difficult to reach through at-home dental hygiene methods.

What Will Occur During our Dental Exam

Your dental exam will consist of a comprehensive evaluation that will include:

  • An examination of your teeth, gums, and tongue for any oral problems.
  • An X-ray in certain cases in order to look for problems that can’t be seen during a visual examination.
  • A removal of any plaque or tartar buildup.
  • A cleaning and polishing of your teeth.
  • Some tips on how to improve your dental hygiene regimen on a regular basis.

Visit Your Santa Monica Dentist!

If you’d like to schedule an appointment with your Santa Monica dentist, we encourage you to give us a call at (310) 359-8444. Alternatively, you can fill out our appointment request form to schedule your visit through our website. We’re looking forward to seeing you and helping you maintain an optimal level of dental hygiene!

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