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Five Dental Habits You Should Practice

by Best Natural Smile on Monday, June 12, 2017 4:48 PM

At Best Natural Smile, we’re glad to provide you with high-quality dental treatments in and around Santa Monica and Venice, CA. Through our services, we aim to give you a brighter and healthier smile. However, if you want to keep your healthy smile, you’ll need to follow through with proper dental hygiene as well. As your trusted dentist in Santa Monica, we’d like to provide you with five great dental habits that will help you attain – and maintain – a healthy smile.

Brush Your Teeth Twice a Day

This is the foundation of great dental hygiene. You’ll want to brush twice a day (or more) to make sure that your teeth are at their healthiest. Doing so will keep your teeth clean from bacteria and also prevent acid buildup in your mouth. Make sure to take your time when brushing too – proper brushing should take at least two minutes.

Floss Daily as Well

While brushing your teeth is vital, your toothbrush won’t be able to reach every part of your mouth – specifically the areas between your teeth. To remedy this, you should floss every day. Flossing will remove any bacteria and food particles that get trapped between your teeth and keep them from causing tooth decay.

Avoid Sugary and Acidic Drinks

Sugary and acidic beverages are some of the most harmful foods (and drinks!) for your teeth. These drinks can eat away at your tooth enamel and cause cavities. If you want to keep your teeth healthy, we recommend limiting your consumption of soda, energy drinks, sports drinks, and lemonade.

Wear a Mouthguard While Playing Sports

Sports are actually a leading cause of dental injuries. Dentists have estimated that somewhere between 13 and 39 percent of all dental injuries occur while playing sports. If you care about the health of your teeth, you won’t need to boycott sports though – just wear a mouthguard! Mouthguards prevent about 200,000 dental injuries from occurring each year so if you’re going to play a contact sport (football, basketball, lacrosse, soccer, etc.), it’s important to wear a mouthguard.

Don’t Smoke

Smoking isn’t only bad for your overall health – it’s harmful for your teeth as well. Smoking can cause minor dental effects, such as yellowing your teeth, and it can also cause major problems, such as increasing your risk for periodontal complications or even oral cancer. You’ve got many reasons to pick from if you want to avoid smoking.

Visit Your Dentist in Santa Monica!

While those five tips are sure to give you a healthier smile, we’ll add a bonus one on top of that: come visit us at Best Natural Smile for a regular checkup once every six months! Feel free to schedule a visit by giving us a call at (310) 359-8444 or filling out our onlineappointment request form. We can’t wait to see you!

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