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The Danger of DIY Tooth Whitening

by Best Natural Smile on Thursday, July 20, 2017 3:42 PM

As your trusted providers of Santa Monica and Venice cosmetic dentistry, we at Best Natural Smile would like to take this time to warn you about a dangerous trend – DIY teeth whitening. Many people use DIY teeth whitening because of both the convenience and the cost. While, yes, it can be cheaper and more convenient to use, the potential harm that it can do to your mouth isn’t worth the risk at all.

It Can Be Dangerous for Your Teeth

Most of the ingredients used in DIY teeth whitening really don’t seem that harmful at all, but truthfully, they can be anything but that – especially if you’re using the products repeatedly. For example, lemon juice is a common ingredient, which is highly acidic and can cause your teeth to decay. Also, these teeth whitening kits often include abrasive substances, such as baking soda. The overuse of abrasives can cause your tooth enamel to erode as these products will keep scrubbing away at the outer layer of your teeth. Ironically enough, by eroding your tooth enamel, they make your teeth more vulnerable to yellowing in the long run.

It Can Be Dangerous for Your Gums as Well

Many DIY teeth whitening kits have a chief ingredient of hydrogen peroxide. When this product is too high in concentration, it can cause serious damage to your gums. Hydrogen peroxide may often be used in over-the-counter tooth products, but many of these DIY teeth whitening kits require a large concentration of hydrogen peroxide. This can cause extensive damage to your gums. It can lead to a gum infection, shrinkage of your gums, or even a gum disease.

Visit Us for Professional Santa Monica Teeth Whitening!

If you’re in need of cosmetic dentistry in Venice or Santa Monica, please visit a professional like us instead. In the hands of someone without dental experience, DIY teeth whitening kits can be dangerous, which is why you want someone you can trust taking care of your cosmetic dentistry needs. If you’d like to schedule an appointment with your Santa Monica teeth whitening specialists, please feel free to give us a call at (310) 359-8444. Alternatively, you can request an appointment through our website. We hope to see you soon!

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