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Manual or Electric Toothbrushes?

by Best Natural Smile on Friday, March 24, 2017 3:52 AM

We all know that brushing teeth is the cornerstone to a strong dental hygiene regimen and a healthy, beautiful smile. But while everyone agrees on the importance of brushing, there's one question that isn't as easy to answer: is it better to use an electric or a manual toothbrush? It seems that the debate between these two types of brushes has been going since electric toothbrushes were invented, and most people have a hard time knowing if one is truly "better" than the other. To help out with this conundrum, we figured we'd list our a few of the pros and cons for each type and give our take on the age-old question.

Manual Toothbrush

Manual toothbrushes are tried and true, and they've been keeping teeth clean since the advent of brushing – but when stacked up against modern technology, do they make the cut? Here are the pros and cons of using a manual toothbrush:


  • Simple: Manual brushes have no buttons or power cycles – they're as easy to understand as possible.
  • Effective: No matter what any marketing department tells you, with proper brushing technique and a consistent routine, a manual toothbrush can keep teeth perfectly clean and healthy.
  • Durable: It doesn't matter if your drop a manual, as it's very difficult to break
  • Easy: No batteries means that manuals are always ready to go.
  • Great for Travel: Manuals never need to be charged, so they're equally effective at home as they are on a backpacking trip.


  • Inconvenient: While manuals can keep teeth perfectly clean, using them effectively takes technique and more work than an electric.
  • Time Yourself: Unlike many electrics, manual brushes provide no way to automatically time yourself. To make sure you go the full two minutes, you need to use an egg timer or your phone.

Electric Toothbrushes

Electric brushes run the gamut from simple back-and-forth brushes to complicated pieces of technology with multiple settings and power levels. Here are the pros and cons of using a electric toothbrush:


  • Convenient: With an electric brush, there's little work involved. Just move the brush over your teeth and let it do the cleaning for you.
  • Timed: Many modern electric brushes come with an automatic timer for 2 minutes, ensuring you brush for the full amount necessary.
  • Great for Kids: Electric brushes are a little easier to use and more fun for kids, as they naturally provide more stimulation and can help time kids so they know how long to brush for.


  • Charging & Batteries: True to its name, an electric brush won't work without electricity. You'll need to charge it or change the batteries regularly to keep it working.
  • Travel: Many electric brushes have special chargers and cases to protect them, which can make traveling with them difficult.
  • Fragile: Unlike manuals, dropping an electric toothbrush can potentially damage or break it.
  • Cost: Some electric toothbrushes cost a small fortune, and while there are cheap options, few are as cheap as a manual toothbrush.

The Verdict

So, now what you've been waiting for: which is better, electric or manual? The answer, of course, is that it's up to you. Each type of brush comes with it's own unique set of advantages and disadvantages, and ultimately, the best brush for you is based on your own set of preferences and criteria. If you're still not sure, we'd recommend getting a cheap manual and a cheap electric and trying them both to see how they feel. Then, when it's time to get another toothbrush, go with the one you prefer.

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