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The Best Foods for Your Teeth

by Best Natural Smile on Monday, February 13, 2017 3:46 AM

We at Best Natural Smile are proud to be your choice when you’re looking for a dentist in or around Venice, Santa Monica, and Marina Del Rey, CA. We offer a wide variety of aesthetic and restorative dentistry services to help give you the most beautiful and healthy smile possible. However, a beautiful and healthy smile isn’t solely developed through dental treatments – it requires constant care as well. This can include your dental hygiene and even the foods that you eat. For your benefit, we’ve provided you with several of the foods that are best for your teeth.


Cheese is one of the best foods for your teeth. Cheese will lower the acidity levels in a person’s mouth and lower the risk for tooth decay. Cheese is also filled with both calcium and protein, two nutrients that are incredibly helpful for strengthening teeth.


This one comes as no surprise. Milk is full of calcium and will provide a plethora of benefits for your teeth. Not only will they keep your teeth stronger and healthier, but they’ll protect them against periodontal and gum disease and also keep your jawbone healthy and strong.


While most sweet foods generally aren’t very good for your teeth, apples remain an exception. They’re high in fiber, water, and they produce saliva in your mouth that will wash away bacteria, sugar, and food particles.

Leafy Greens

It’s not a big surprise that leafy greens will make your body healthy, but they’re good at keeping your teeth healthy as well. They’re filled with calcium and they’re great at keeping mouths clean because they’re high in fiber and require plenty of chewing, which produces a lot of saliva.


Just like apples and leafy greens, carrots are full of fiber that will boost saliva production. Carrots are also packed full of vitamin A – a great source for developing and maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

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